29 - 31.10.2019


International exhibition
of effective solutions
for agribusiness

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It is time to apply fertilizers!

Spreaders of mineral fertilizers “Urozhai (Harvest)” by Ukrainian manufacturer “Orekhovselmash” Ltd, designed for top distribution of solid dry mineral fertilizers, will be presented at the exhibition “AgroComplex 2017”

In the line of our spreaders there are 3 models: 2 mounted, such as RDM-500N and RDM-1000N, and one trailer-type model RDM-3000N.  For 6 years of our work at the market over 3, 500 spreaders by “Orekhocselmash” Ltd have been delivered to different regions of our country and are used there.

All hardware, as well as expendable materials for all spreaders of mineral fertilizers “RDM” are produced at the enterprise and are always available, which is very important for continual work of the machinery during the peak of season.   

We provide 12-month warranty for all spreaders “RDM”, and 20% of the cost is returned to the customer’s bank account, as the government covers it.  

Order reliable spreaders of mineral fertilizers by telephone: (096)366-40-09; (096)428-56-95; (05)533-80-88; (099)030-60-40


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