October 29 - 31


International exhibition
of effective solutions
for agribusiness

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Actual and important topic at “AgroComplex”

Seminar “Standards of gluten-free manufacturing.  How to make your product safe and competitive in Gluten-free segment”was held at the exhibition “AgroComplex 2017”.

Organizer of the event: All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Ukrainian Community of Celiac”.

Speakers of the seminar: Olha Naumova, President of Ukrainian Union of Celiac and Olha Dontsova, Auditor of the GFSI standards, National Consultant of Health and Nutrition FAO UN.

Basic standards of food safety and requirements to manufacturing of gluten-free products and the history of safety sign “Crossed spikelet” were discussed at the seminar.  

Special attention at the seminar was paid to the results of testing of corn and rye flour, in which mass fraction of gluten was estimated.

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