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October 29 - 31


International exhibition
of effective solutions
for agribusiness

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Special Projects

Taking into account the outlined tasks, the following special projects will be realized as a part of AgroComplex 2019:

  1. Agro Test Field 2019. It is a test project aimed at creation of professional newsworthy information for various groups of specialists working at production farms, suppliers of material and technical resources, scientists and students. Agro Test Field finishes with holding of final summarizing conference at AgroComplex 2019.

  2.  IT-Сorner 2019. It is a specialized exposition held in open-space format, where digital solutions and smart technologies for agribusiness are presented.

  3. AgroEnergyDAY 2019. It is the international expoforum of bioenergy technologies and alternative energy in agribusiness, which includes an exposition and a specialized event.

  4. Leap forward to quality 2019 – the largest exposition of domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers in Ukraine. The exhibiting companies-manufacturers will be offered a virtual demonstrational service in the exhibition hall 3 of AgroComplex 2019.

  5. Greenhouse business of Ukraine 2019 – specialized exposition of technological solutions for greenhouses.

  6. LOCAL to GLOBAL – specialized exposition of farm and craft products.

Our exhibitions

ІнтерАГРО - Міжнародна виставка рентабельного високоефективного сільського господарства Agro Animal Show - international exhibition of the effective animal husbandry and poultry  GRAIN TECH EXPO - international exhibition of innovative solutions in grain business  FRUIT. VEGETABLES. LOGISTICS - international exhibition of high-technology vegetable-growing, industrial gardening and viticulture