IT-Corner - АгроКомплекс


October 29 - 31


International exhibition
of effective solutions
for agribusiness

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IT-Corner, specialized platform of digital technologies and smart solutions in agribusiness

The unique idea of IT-Corner: stands of all participants are situated in one area in open-space format, which allows presenting the whole complex of technologies and their interaction.  Thanks to it, visitors fully plunge into the world of digital solutions and get comprehensive idea about the process of their application and final effect.

IT-Corner 2019 is:

Open-space location: exposition zone, where all participants are brought together in one place and can comprehensively present their developments.
Speaker Zone:conference-zone in the center of the exposition for workshops and discussion of relevant questions of the industry.
B2B event:attraction of manufacturers of machinery, agricultural chemistry and other resourcing for development of joint business projects and cooperation.
Start-up Alley:  the place where developers-beginners can present oneself and one’s ideas, as well as meet one’s future business partners and investors.
Virtual reality zone:  full immersion of visitors into simulated digital space of manufacturing processes. The effect of interaction with digital reality gives a chance to test smart technologies in an operational mode “right here and right now”.

Thematic sections:

  • GPS-GIS-RS for agro-industrial complex;
  • Automation of production;
  • Drone and satellite technologies;
  • Vertical farming;
  • Data transmission and storage;
  • Systems of data analysis and processing (BigData);
  • Smart systems of monitoring and control;
  • M2M services; 
  • LPWAN;
  • Mobile application for manufacturing processes;
  • Weather monitoring, sensors;
  • Robotics;
  • Smart agricultural logistics;
  • Technologies AGRO IoT;
  • Blockchain and e-commerce technologies;
  • Technologies for optimization of business processes;
  • Technologies for precision agriculture;
  • Management consulting.

For the first time  IT-Corner was held in autumn2018 and was recognized as an effective business platform of a new format.

Participants of IT-Corner 2018

Open-space location: DroneUA, Altera Nova, Bitrek, Agro Onlain, System Solutions, Grain Capital.

Exclusive stands: Raven, Trimble, AgriLab, Agri 2.0, Overseer, Agroxy,  AgroControl, Monada, and others.

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