Productive beekeeping - АгроКомплекс


October 29 - 31


International exhibition
of effective solutions
for agribusiness

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Productive beekeeping

Productive beekeeping – course to export.

As well as the separate specialized international exhibition of manufacturers of beekeeping industry equipment, veterinary preparations, bee packages and related products.

As a part of the exhibition, the conference dedicated to the topic “Productive beekeeping in Ukraine. Export potential, strategic development directions” will be held.

Mission: To create conditions for effective communication between manufacturers of bee products, equipment for beekeeping and exporters in Ukraine and abroad.

Thematic sections:

  • equipment for beekeeping;
  • honeycomb base and feed additives;
  • genetics and breeding of bees;
  • veterinary;
  • apitherapy;
  • technological lines for processing of bee products;
  • domestic and international logistics;
  • transport and specialized machinery;
  • tools and overalls;  
  • specialized literature;  
  • informational partners;
  • organic honey production.

Strategic aims of the project:

  1. Facilitate increase of level of beekeeping technologies in Ukraine to the world standards.
  2. Popularize as much as possible modern methods of beekeeping among private beekeepers, registered business entities and agricultural companies, which engage in beekeeping as an accompanying activity.
  3. Encourage dialogue between executive power bodies, agrarians and producers of bee products.
  4. Facilitate development of industrial and private production.
  5. Assist in preservation, protection and development of indigenous bee races.
  6. The project will take the leading place among the specialized business events in Ukraine and near abroad.

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